Friday, 14 December 2012

Photoshoots, Movies and Music

This week has been a CRAZY week for us Pull the Plug kids! We started the week with a killer photo-shoot with Dave Levitt Photography based out of Cambridge. You can see samples of his work on his site, on Facebook and you can check out the shots he took at The Sound Distillery. See how things work? We all know each other. Finally fitting in to this city life. As soon as we get those shots back from Dave, we'll secretly use them for our own pleasure, then post them on our Facebook, Flickr, Blog and of course the Website!

Last night, Justin G. and I stayed up way past our bedtime to catch the midnight premiere of The Hobbit. Justin was geeking hard, so I'll let him tell you all about the flick in his own post and on this weeks PTP Podcast. My quick review? Holy fuck. WOW.

This week's featured Track of the Week is the amazing new single Reaching Back from Mike Vial, available for name your price on his Bandcamp. This Michigan man puts so much of his soul into his songs, leaving you gripping to every word. We loved it SO much, we even put aside our all-acoustic format to include it in this week's Podcast. Please check it out.

The Vid of the Week, Bright Glow by Toronto's Little City, is a live track recorded at the former PTP Studios. Shaun, Frances and Trevor have done nothing short of blow us away with every performance they've done for us including their live set at our PTP Presents... event in May. They are coming out of a brief hiatus to play a Christmas show benefiting Second Harvest and the Toronto Food Bank. Check them out at the Rivoli in Toronto on Dec.22nd.

That's all for now kids, until next time - Stay interesting!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Music this Week & PTP Giveaway

Lots of new music to discuss this week!

Last night was a show that I had been looking forward to for months and had been gifted by my insanely awesome man, Hey Ocean! They are a West Coast band that have exploded onto the scene since I saw them for the first time live about a year ago. Since that show, they have released their new album IS which has some seriously killer tracks including my new favourite Jolene.

Last night's show was an energy-filled set that had the crowd jumping, dancing and singing along, with some minor bumps along the road ie: sound issues and an over-done reverb on the vocals.

Speaking of bumps, the openers, Alvarez Kings a progressive pop outfit from Sheffield England, were losing their minds on stage, when they stopped the track dead in order to attend to a fan who passed out. I can only assume she found their accents just as attractive as I did. I dug these guys so much, we purchased both of their albums before leaving the show and strongly encourage you to do the same.

Also yesterday, an exciting announcement came from Justin Briner about the release of his album that has been 4 years in the making! Silent Imagery is a 9-track work of art featuring some of my favourites Scatterbrain and Mr.Spider. Show this talented musician some love and download this album and if you REALLY love it and have some dollars to spare, send a few bucks his way- he deserves it.

New Album Downloads this Week:
Bat For Lashes- The Haunted Man
Joel Plaskett Emergency- Scrappy Happiness

HIGHLY recommend both of these albums!

Finally, the new Pull the Plug Podcast for this week is now available! Listen and subscribe to it at our website Links to iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all that jazz is available on there.


Head to our Facebook and Twitter for your chance to WIN an exclusive PTP-Blacktop Bundle, courtesy of Blacktop Records, in celebration of their 6 Year Anniversary. Congrats!! 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Podcast and PFed

As I'm sure you've noticed (actually you probably haven't) but I have been M.I.A. this past little while... yes, by that I mean stumbling around the stage and giving the middle finger to the cameras.

We have been been hard at work getting the new Pull the Plug Podcast up and running, which was somehow accomplished in a few short weeks. We have begun working out the kinks and we sound as shitty as ever! But at least it's shit that is fun to laugh at.
Since parting ways with our commercial radio counter-part, we have found new love in being able to express ourselves without worrying about who we happen to offend that week or why people care if someone says fuck in the 21st century. Needless to say, we are in love and are here to stay.

So if you're a fan of funny shit, a little banter and some killer indie acoustic talents be sure to Listen and Subscribe to Pull the Plug Podcast on iTunes.

SPOONFULS OF NEWS: The legendary Timmie's Cup and the man behind the crotch holding the cup, Paul Federici will be back in the studio in 2 short weeks! We will have a few new PFed tracks and a bit of talk from us chatty-fucks.

Special guest, Mike Vial will also be gracing the Pull the Plug studios with his presence and the 2 of them will be doing a short Canadian tour together, hitting Toronto, Kitchener, St.Catherine's and Thorold Ontario.

Don't miss them in Thorold, Saturday October 13th for the Paul Federici Fundraiser in support of new music from this talented fuck. Making an album isn't cheap so let's support all of the non-Bieber's out there and give ourselves something decent to listen to! Buy tickets HERE. As an added bonus, the PTP Crew will all be there signing babies and making fool's of ourselves.

Follow Paul Federici on Twitter and Facebook and support Mike Vial on Twitter and Facebook.

-Stay Interesting

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Guest Post: Pulling the Plug

Hello Pull the Plug listeners! To those of you who are saying "who the hell is this chick?", let me tell you a little tale to introduce myself. 
Shannon and I got smashed one night, which happened many nights, and we made sweet, sweet broadcasting love (which also happened many nights...and days...and afternoons). And this one time in particular we created a radio baby. We were a little scared at first, but we talked, decided to keep it, and named it "Pull the Plug". We spent tons of time compiling lists of our favourite acoustic songs (along with the uber rad Justin Godelie) and then presented our ideas to CJIQ. PTP ain't gonna have no rejection, so off we were to bring the best acoustic tunes and our sexiest radio voices to the K-W listeners. Let me tell you, it was like magical audio lovemaking with your ears and we were delighted to be ear-boning you once a week. 

Unfortunately, I ran out of the end of my OSAP, couldn't get a decent paying job, and became a broke college grad. This meant I had to move away from my beloved Shannon, Justin, PTP, and all it's listeners. I have missed all the good times, and because car ownership in Toronto is so bloody expensive, it's been hard to visit and guest host. 

With PTP essentially "growing up", it's like now is the time for it to go "off to college" and explore. The CJIQ nest has been nice, but it's time to move on to bigger and better things! Obviously this last show can't be the best, 'cause PTP is always orgasmically good, but I know it'll go out with a bang. To all the listeners, guest hosts, and musical guests, thanks a million for your support. Keep listening, tweeting, and spreading the word about the new podcast, 'cause it's only the beginning, baby! 

Acoustically yours, 
Carolyn Roberts

HUGE thanks to Carolyn, with out whom Pull the Plug would have never been born. We truly wish you could have joined us on our final Radio Broadcast, but know it won't be the last we hear our C-Rock on PTP. Follow Carolyn on Twitter.

Friday, 10 August 2012

PTP Podcast

Hello all,

First, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support of Pull the Plug over the last five (yes, five) years. It's been quite the experience! So many talented musicians have come through the studio, many have remained as friends. As our fans, you couldn't have been more supportive and many of you are the epitome of the word, putting "fan" back into "fanatic".  We have even welcomed a few fans into the studio! Parents, friends, Chad from Elmira, Elish Lisha, Munchixo, Currie and Trista Rochelle and of course we will always remember our late night chats with The Patio Party and the Subway Guys. 

The day of conventional radio has come to an end for PTP. As of the end of August, we are having our Plug Pulled, if you will. However...most of you, I would assume, know that we don't go down that easy. We have been busy at work getting things in place to have a Podcast go live.

We will be recording a weekly show, available for download, featuring the same banter you love, the raunchy sex stories, the crazy drug incidents and of course a ton of great music chat. Each show will feature music from our favourite Pull the Plug artists and friends and we will continue to bring acoustic guests into the studio. 
We have made our new home at The Sound Distillery in downtown Kitchener with Will & Dave being the coolest guys on the planet, stepping in within the first 24hours of our cancellation, picking up the ball and running with it. Here's some kind words from Will about the new project;

"Recently Dave and I had the opportunity to venture into a day of planning with the city of Kitchener and other music minded folk about building Waterloo region's music scene. 

Not ones to wait around for things to happen when Conestoga College's radio station decided to cancel all specialty programming we saw an opportunity for something pretty damn cool. 

We will be welcoming Shannon Bryan, Justin Godelie, and Justin Briner and their program Pull the Plug into our studios to record their show each week. The idea is to go big. Real big. So expect some really awesome music, and good videos. "

We are all super excited about our transition into the booming world of online podcasting, where fucks, dick jokes and donkey sex are fully supported.

Lastly, I'd like to thank my PTP Crew, Justin G, Justin Briner & Michael "Angry" Hawkins. You boys are the fucking raddest kids I know. Here's to new adventures. 

We are now found on Twitter @PTPPodcast, and have a new website coming soon


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Trouble and Daughter

Recently, an artist that we have had in constant rotation on our radio program contacted us (gotta love it when that happens) asking to perform a live acoustic set.

I had been a huge fan of CondoKrew (a name since set aside) since first hearing news of (illScarlett's) John Doherty being a part of the project. When I stumbled across their YouTube, I fell in love with their catchy, acoustic style and the melodies that Jenni Pleau and James Mascola bring to the table. 

Since the name change, Trouble & Daughter have released their first EP, including some favourite tracks (The Lucky Ones, Gimmie All Your Money) and some new favourites (What's Good is Gone). It's a fantastic follow up to YouTube successes and brings forward a quality to their music that we the listener didn't even realize we cared about, until buying this self-titled EP.

Catch the LIVE acoustic set by Trouble & Daughter tonight at 10pm on Pull the Plug and be sure to pick up their EP! If you can't get enough of them, like me, hunt them down and find them on Facebook and on Twitter.


Friday, 29 June 2012

Justin Briner: The Man Behind The Legend

Not only is the man the "other Justin" in my life as the co-host to our dynamic trio on Pull the Plug, but he is also the shows true talent. He's the only one of us music-lovin' geeks that actually sings and plays the guitar, and boy can he ever.
Last week, Briner graced us with his melodic tunes and his dreamy hair *cough* playing original tracks off of his new EP Under the Moon. He also played some very new tunes, debuting his latest The Girl (Colours of Spring), a song that would make any gal swoon, but was meant for someone very special. His boyish charm and grungy good looks mixes a unique musical style which I called "Grungy Plain White T's" during last weeks show. Not sure how he liked that, but I'd say it's comparable to listening to a Curt Cobain cover of Hey There Delilah- I'd be on board. If you're looking for heart-felt originals, rock-ballad covers, or a night of laughs on the radio, Justin Briner is your man! But as I said, he can't be your man, from what we can tell, he's taken. Sorry ladies.

Follow Justin on Twitter, check him out on Soundcloud, and see his live sets on YouTube.

For more Justin Briner, listen to Pull the Plug Wednesday nights 10pm-1am


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Paul on Pull the Plug

Tonight's the night! Tonight, we welcome Paul Federici back into the Pull the Plug studios, and welcome him, we shall. I can't express my excitement...I truly with there were a universal font that would represent excitement, but instead, I'll go with this.

We have lots to talk about with this man. Everything from music videos, to Nashville travels, to his upcoming set in Waterloo and the festivals he is playing this summer- but don't worry he will be playing music too. Gear up for his set tonight by listening to one of my favourite tracks off of his debut album, Relative Importance, On My Mind. Also check out a great review by Randi Beers of Exclaim! and find out more about his slot at St.Catherine's S.C.E.N.E Music Festival.

Paul is live on Pull the Plug tonight at 10pm, streaming at and is live in concert tomorrow night at Maxwell's Music House in Waterloo.


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jaqy Haps: LIVE

So from my last post, you may have gathered that I'm a big HUGE Jaclyn VanHappen fan and she an artist that always delivers. Last night's Pull the Plug performance was no different- she killed it. Watch the videos of her set including If I Die Young (Perry Cover), Let Go, Today I Was Told, and always a fan-favourite, Last Time.

We will likely also be posting the video of host, Justin Briner's attempt to woe her with a rose while donning a dress shirt and tie and a short Q&A session. Just keep yours eyes locked to our YouTube channel and while you're there take a listen to some of our other PTP friends.

Don't forget to show this girl some lovin' on her Facebook and Twitter.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jaclyn VanHappen

Jaclyn VanHappen is just one of those people that you can't help but notice. She has those alarmingly good looks and an attitude that makes you look twice (or maybe five times), but best of all she is quite possibly one of the sweetest people on Earth.

The first time I was in contact with Jaclyn about coming onto the Pull the Plug radio program back in 2010, she was super enthusiastic and emailed mp3's to get into rotation as quick as possible. Back then, she was just that girl I knew from high school, through friends of friends and knew that this girl was talented. It wasn't until we finally got her on air, that we realized she was something more than the rumors, more than a girl with an attitude, she was a starlet! Quickly, she became a fan-favourite and easily one of the most requested artists on Pull the Plug.

My favourite Jaclyn moment was at the Pull the Plug Presents... live event. She took to the stage and played only 4 songs- with the crowd, made up of Pull the Plug listeners and friends, singing every word to every song. I looked around the room and saw all eyes on her and all of their mouths moving with hers. It was unreal! The favourite performance of the night also came from Jaqy Happs when she pulled out a beautiful finale to her set with a song she had written for her hero and uncle, Shawn Tompkins. You could have heard a pin drop in that room, with the only sound being her voice and that keyboard, with an eruption of applause at the end. Everyone was speechless.

Jaclyn has listed some of her musical influences as Karen O, Courtney Love and Alanis Morrisette and Jaclyn truly is an incredible combination of the three. With power, emotion and modest confidence, I predict that this go-getter, powerhouse will take the music industry by storm.

Check out Jaclyn's official music video for her song Mean Streak

Jaclyn LIVE in studio tonight on Pull the Plug 88.3FM or stream 10PM-1AM


Thursday, 31 May 2012

Conveniently Yours

Talented musician and dear friend, Paul Federici of St.Catherines is a fresh sound in today's busy music scene. It's easy to compare him to the likes of Dallas Green because of their acoustic guitars and the happenstance of their geographical similarities, but Paul truly does stand alone.

The first time I heard of PFed was through a twitter interaction between him and the Pull the Plug account for our acoustic radio program. Eager and willing to travel, we soon scheduled a live performance after only listening to a couple of his tracks. He was getting ready to debut his new album "Relative Importance", an ensemble of melodic acoustic tracks that made this girls heart melt- and it didn't hurt that my copy came with a doughnut!

Since the release of Relative Importance, Paul has made a couple visits to Pull the Plug and was featured in our live Pull the Plug Presents... showcase featuring our favourite local musicians. As of today, the official music video for his track Conveniently Yours has been released and it is certainly worth a watch... especially for those Timmies crotch-shots and that classy toque....oh, right, and of course for the music.

Do yourself a favour and give Paul Federici a momentary slice of your attention and listen to the album and take a gander at the music video- you'll be more than pleased. I swear.

Catch Paul Federici on Pull the Plug Wednesday June 13th for a LIVE acoustic performance.


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Coachella Bound: Weekend 1

It's officially less than a week away that I board a plane to Cali. This is just one of those moments in my life that I can't believe is truly happening. Coachella has always been one of those "Bucket List" adventures that will (very) soon become an amazing reality.

My parents have always encouraged concert going- they even spent their 20th wedding anniversary at Woodstock '99 and we took a family vacation last Christmas to Bethel Woods, NY to see the original '69 site and museum. They have raised me on- mostly classic- rock and unlike many in my generation I have seen some iconic musicians including Elton John and The Beach Boys.

Now my own major music festival experience is fast-appraoching and honetly, I just hope I make it out with all of my limbs. The band list at this year's festival rivals that of most mainstream, large-scale events this summer, with some like the At the Drive-In reunion, far exceeding. I can't wait for the "Lonely Boy" performance from the Black Keys, which will be a spectacle with surely the entire crowd singing the lyrics word-for-word while doing their own rendition of the Youtube dance. Florence Welch is another performer who I'm just dying to see, but I'm sure anyone going will say the same.

Truly, I am excited for the vast array of talents that are still unheard to me and the new favourites that I'll be leaving Indio with, frantically searching for their music on iTunes. Wish me luck- I really don't want to lose that limb I mentioned.

Moving In

I'm officially creating one blog home! There will randomly be old posts from other blogs over time, but this is officially it! 

I'm a promotions/marketing gal working in the agriculture industry, but with a real passion for my work in radio and podcasting. I host an acoustic radio show based out of Kitchener, Ontario that focuses on acoustic rock. I'll be posting whatever tickles my fancy, but expect a lot of music related posts because that pretty much sums up my excited life :)

Cheers & Enjoy!