Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Guest Post: Pulling the Plug

Hello Pull the Plug listeners! To those of you who are saying "who the hell is this chick?", let me tell you a little tale to introduce myself. 
Shannon and I got smashed one night, which happened many nights, and we made sweet, sweet broadcasting love (which also happened many nights...and days...and afternoons). And this one time in particular we created a radio baby. We were a little scared at first, but we talked, decided to keep it, and named it "Pull the Plug". We spent tons of time compiling lists of our favourite acoustic songs (along with the uber rad Justin Godelie) and then presented our ideas to CJIQ. PTP ain't gonna have no rejection, so off we were to bring the best acoustic tunes and our sexiest radio voices to the K-W listeners. Let me tell you, it was like magical audio lovemaking with your ears and we were delighted to be ear-boning you once a week. 

Unfortunately, I ran out of the end of my OSAP, couldn't get a decent paying job, and became a broke college grad. This meant I had to move away from my beloved Shannon, Justin, PTP, and all it's listeners. I have missed all the good times, and because car ownership in Toronto is so bloody expensive, it's been hard to visit and guest host. 

With PTP essentially "growing up", it's like now is the time for it to go "off to college" and explore. The CJIQ nest has been nice, but it's time to move on to bigger and better things! Obviously this last show can't be the best, 'cause PTP is always orgasmically good, but I know it'll go out with a bang. To all the listeners, guest hosts, and musical guests, thanks a million for your support. Keep listening, tweeting, and spreading the word about the new podcast, 'cause it's only the beginning, baby! 

Acoustically yours, 
Carolyn Roberts

HUGE thanks to Carolyn, with out whom Pull the Plug would have never been born. We truly wish you could have joined us on our final Radio Broadcast, but know it won't be the last we hear our C-Rock on PTP. Follow Carolyn on Twitter.

Friday, 10 August 2012

PTP Podcast

Hello all,

First, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support of Pull the Plug over the last five (yes, five) years. It's been quite the experience! So many talented musicians have come through the studio, many have remained as friends. As our fans, you couldn't have been more supportive and many of you are the epitome of the word, putting "fan" back into "fanatic".  We have even welcomed a few fans into the studio! Parents, friends, Chad from Elmira, Elish Lisha, Munchixo, Currie and Trista Rochelle and of course we will always remember our late night chats with The Patio Party and the Subway Guys. 

The day of conventional radio has come to an end for PTP. As of the end of August, we are having our Plug Pulled, if you will. However...most of you, I would assume, know that we don't go down that easy. We have been busy at work getting things in place to have a Podcast go live.

We will be recording a weekly show, available for download, featuring the same banter you love, the raunchy sex stories, the crazy drug incidents and of course a ton of great music chat. Each show will feature music from our favourite Pull the Plug artists and friends and we will continue to bring acoustic guests into the studio. 
We have made our new home at The Sound Distillery in downtown Kitchener with Will & Dave being the coolest guys on the planet, stepping in within the first 24hours of our cancellation, picking up the ball and running with it. Here's some kind words from Will about the new project;

"Recently Dave and I had the opportunity to venture into a day of planning with the city of Kitchener and other music minded folk about building Waterloo region's music scene. 

Not ones to wait around for things to happen when Conestoga College's radio station decided to cancel all specialty programming we saw an opportunity for something pretty damn cool. 

We will be welcoming Shannon Bryan, Justin Godelie, and Justin Briner and their program Pull the Plug into our studios to record their show each week. The idea is to go big. Real big. So expect some really awesome music, and good videos. "

We are all super excited about our transition into the booming world of online podcasting, where fucks, dick jokes and donkey sex are fully supported.

Lastly, I'd like to thank my PTP Crew, Justin G, Justin Briner & Michael "Angry" Hawkins. You boys are the fucking raddest kids I know. Here's to new adventures. 

We are now found on Twitter @PTPPodcast, and have a new website coming soon