Thursday, 31 May 2012

Conveniently Yours

Talented musician and dear friend, Paul Federici of St.Catherines is a fresh sound in today's busy music scene. It's easy to compare him to the likes of Dallas Green because of their acoustic guitars and the happenstance of their geographical similarities, but Paul truly does stand alone.

The first time I heard of PFed was through a twitter interaction between him and the Pull the Plug account for our acoustic radio program. Eager and willing to travel, we soon scheduled a live performance after only listening to a couple of his tracks. He was getting ready to debut his new album "Relative Importance", an ensemble of melodic acoustic tracks that made this girls heart melt- and it didn't hurt that my copy came with a doughnut!

Since the release of Relative Importance, Paul has made a couple visits to Pull the Plug and was featured in our live Pull the Plug Presents... showcase featuring our favourite local musicians. As of today, the official music video for his track Conveniently Yours has been released and it is certainly worth a watch... especially for those Timmies crotch-shots and that classy toque....oh, right, and of course for the music.

Do yourself a favour and give Paul Federici a momentary slice of your attention and listen to the album and take a gander at the music video- you'll be more than pleased. I swear.

Catch Paul Federici on Pull the Plug Wednesday June 13th for a LIVE acoustic performance.


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Coachella Bound: Weekend 1

It's officially less than a week away that I board a plane to Cali. This is just one of those moments in my life that I can't believe is truly happening. Coachella has always been one of those "Bucket List" adventures that will (very) soon become an amazing reality.

My parents have always encouraged concert going- they even spent their 20th wedding anniversary at Woodstock '99 and we took a family vacation last Christmas to Bethel Woods, NY to see the original '69 site and museum. They have raised me on- mostly classic- rock and unlike many in my generation I have seen some iconic musicians including Elton John and The Beach Boys.

Now my own major music festival experience is fast-appraoching and honetly, I just hope I make it out with all of my limbs. The band list at this year's festival rivals that of most mainstream, large-scale events this summer, with some like the At the Drive-In reunion, far exceeding. I can't wait for the "Lonely Boy" performance from the Black Keys, which will be a spectacle with surely the entire crowd singing the lyrics word-for-word while doing their own rendition of the Youtube dance. Florence Welch is another performer who I'm just dying to see, but I'm sure anyone going will say the same.

Truly, I am excited for the vast array of talents that are still unheard to me and the new favourites that I'll be leaving Indio with, frantically searching for their music on iTunes. Wish me luck- I really don't want to lose that limb I mentioned.

Moving In

I'm officially creating one blog home! There will randomly be old posts from other blogs over time, but this is officially it! 

I'm a promotions/marketing gal working in the agriculture industry, but with a real passion for my work in radio and podcasting. I host an acoustic radio show based out of Kitchener, Ontario that focuses on acoustic rock. I'll be posting whatever tickles my fancy, but expect a lot of music related posts because that pretty much sums up my excited life :)

Cheers & Enjoy!