Thursday, 25 October 2012

Music this Week & PTP Giveaway

Lots of new music to discuss this week!

Last night was a show that I had been looking forward to for months and had been gifted by my insanely awesome man, Hey Ocean! They are a West Coast band that have exploded onto the scene since I saw them for the first time live about a year ago. Since that show, they have released their new album IS which has some seriously killer tracks including my new favourite Jolene.

Last night's show was an energy-filled set that had the crowd jumping, dancing and singing along, with some minor bumps along the road ie: sound issues and an over-done reverb on the vocals.

Speaking of bumps, the openers, Alvarez Kings a progressive pop outfit from Sheffield England, were losing their minds on stage, when they stopped the track dead in order to attend to a fan who passed out. I can only assume she found their accents just as attractive as I did. I dug these guys so much, we purchased both of their albums before leaving the show and strongly encourage you to do the same.

Also yesterday, an exciting announcement came from Justin Briner about the release of his album that has been 4 years in the making! Silent Imagery is a 9-track work of art featuring some of my favourites Scatterbrain and Mr.Spider. Show this talented musician some love and download this album and if you REALLY love it and have some dollars to spare, send a few bucks his way- he deserves it.

New Album Downloads this Week:
Bat For Lashes- The Haunted Man
Joel Plaskett Emergency- Scrappy Happiness

HIGHLY recommend both of these albums!

Finally, the new Pull the Plug Podcast for this week is now available! Listen and subscribe to it at our website Links to iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all that jazz is available on there.


Head to our Facebook and Twitter for your chance to WIN an exclusive PTP-Blacktop Bundle, courtesy of Blacktop Records, in celebration of their 6 Year Anniversary. Congrats!! 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Podcast and PFed

As I'm sure you've noticed (actually you probably haven't) but I have been M.I.A. this past little while... yes, by that I mean stumbling around the stage and giving the middle finger to the cameras.

We have been been hard at work getting the new Pull the Plug Podcast up and running, which was somehow accomplished in a few short weeks. We have begun working out the kinks and we sound as shitty as ever! But at least it's shit that is fun to laugh at.
Since parting ways with our commercial radio counter-part, we have found new love in being able to express ourselves without worrying about who we happen to offend that week or why people care if someone says fuck in the 21st century. Needless to say, we are in love and are here to stay.

So if you're a fan of funny shit, a little banter and some killer indie acoustic talents be sure to Listen and Subscribe to Pull the Plug Podcast on iTunes.

SPOONFULS OF NEWS: The legendary Timmie's Cup and the man behind the crotch holding the cup, Paul Federici will be back in the studio in 2 short weeks! We will have a few new PFed tracks and a bit of talk from us chatty-fucks.

Special guest, Mike Vial will also be gracing the Pull the Plug studios with his presence and the 2 of them will be doing a short Canadian tour together, hitting Toronto, Kitchener, St.Catherine's and Thorold Ontario.

Don't miss them in Thorold, Saturday October 13th for the Paul Federici Fundraiser in support of new music from this talented fuck. Making an album isn't cheap so let's support all of the non-Bieber's out there and give ourselves something decent to listen to! Buy tickets HERE. As an added bonus, the PTP Crew will all be there signing babies and making fool's of ourselves.

Follow Paul Federici on Twitter and Facebook and support Mike Vial on Twitter and Facebook.

-Stay Interesting