Friday, 29 June 2012

Justin Briner: The Man Behind The Legend

Not only is the man the "other Justin" in my life as the co-host to our dynamic trio on Pull the Plug, but he is also the shows true talent. He's the only one of us music-lovin' geeks that actually sings and plays the guitar, and boy can he ever.
Last week, Briner graced us with his melodic tunes and his dreamy hair *cough* playing original tracks off of his new EP Under the Moon. He also played some very new tunes, debuting his latest The Girl (Colours of Spring), a song that would make any gal swoon, but was meant for someone very special. His boyish charm and grungy good looks mixes a unique musical style which I called "Grungy Plain White T's" during last weeks show. Not sure how he liked that, but I'd say it's comparable to listening to a Curt Cobain cover of Hey There Delilah- I'd be on board. If you're looking for heart-felt originals, rock-ballad covers, or a night of laughs on the radio, Justin Briner is your man! But as I said, he can't be your man, from what we can tell, he's taken. Sorry ladies.

Follow Justin on Twitter, check him out on Soundcloud, and see his live sets on YouTube.

For more Justin Briner, listen to Pull the Plug Wednesday nights 10pm-1am


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Paul on Pull the Plug

Tonight's the night! Tonight, we welcome Paul Federici back into the Pull the Plug studios, and welcome him, we shall. I can't express my excitement...I truly with there were a universal font that would represent excitement, but instead, I'll go with this.

We have lots to talk about with this man. Everything from music videos, to Nashville travels, to his upcoming set in Waterloo and the festivals he is playing this summer- but don't worry he will be playing music too. Gear up for his set tonight by listening to one of my favourite tracks off of his debut album, Relative Importance, On My Mind. Also check out a great review by Randi Beers of Exclaim! and find out more about his slot at St.Catherine's S.C.E.N.E Music Festival.

Paul is live on Pull the Plug tonight at 10pm, streaming at and is live in concert tomorrow night at Maxwell's Music House in Waterloo.


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jaqy Haps: LIVE

So from my last post, you may have gathered that I'm a big HUGE Jaclyn VanHappen fan and she an artist that always delivers. Last night's Pull the Plug performance was no different- she killed it. Watch the videos of her set including If I Die Young (Perry Cover), Let Go, Today I Was Told, and always a fan-favourite, Last Time.

We will likely also be posting the video of host, Justin Briner's attempt to woe her with a rose while donning a dress shirt and tie and a short Q&A session. Just keep yours eyes locked to our YouTube channel and while you're there take a listen to some of our other PTP friends.

Don't forget to show this girl some lovin' on her Facebook and Twitter.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jaclyn VanHappen

Jaclyn VanHappen is just one of those people that you can't help but notice. She has those alarmingly good looks and an attitude that makes you look twice (or maybe five times), but best of all she is quite possibly one of the sweetest people on Earth.

The first time I was in contact with Jaclyn about coming onto the Pull the Plug radio program back in 2010, she was super enthusiastic and emailed mp3's to get into rotation as quick as possible. Back then, she was just that girl I knew from high school, through friends of friends and knew that this girl was talented. It wasn't until we finally got her on air, that we realized she was something more than the rumors, more than a girl with an attitude, she was a starlet! Quickly, she became a fan-favourite and easily one of the most requested artists on Pull the Plug.

My favourite Jaclyn moment was at the Pull the Plug Presents... live event. She took to the stage and played only 4 songs- with the crowd, made up of Pull the Plug listeners and friends, singing every word to every song. I looked around the room and saw all eyes on her and all of their mouths moving with hers. It was unreal! The favourite performance of the night also came from Jaqy Happs when she pulled out a beautiful finale to her set with a song she had written for her hero and uncle, Shawn Tompkins. You could have heard a pin drop in that room, with the only sound being her voice and that keyboard, with an eruption of applause at the end. Everyone was speechless.

Jaclyn has listed some of her musical influences as Karen O, Courtney Love and Alanis Morrisette and Jaclyn truly is an incredible combination of the three. With power, emotion and modest confidence, I predict that this go-getter, powerhouse will take the music industry by storm.

Check out Jaclyn's official music video for her song Mean Streak

Jaclyn LIVE in studio tonight on Pull the Plug 88.3FM or stream 10PM-1AM