Friday, 29 June 2012

Justin Briner: The Man Behind The Legend

Not only is the man the "other Justin" in my life as the co-host to our dynamic trio on Pull the Plug, but he is also the shows true talent. He's the only one of us music-lovin' geeks that actually sings and plays the guitar, and boy can he ever.
Last week, Briner graced us with his melodic tunes and his dreamy hair *cough* playing original tracks off of his new EP Under the Moon. He also played some very new tunes, debuting his latest The Girl (Colours of Spring), a song that would make any gal swoon, but was meant for someone very special. His boyish charm and grungy good looks mixes a unique musical style which I called "Grungy Plain White T's" during last weeks show. Not sure how he liked that, but I'd say it's comparable to listening to a Curt Cobain cover of Hey There Delilah- I'd be on board. If you're looking for heart-felt originals, rock-ballad covers, or a night of laughs on the radio, Justin Briner is your man! But as I said, he can't be your man, from what we can tell, he's taken. Sorry ladies.

Follow Justin on Twitter, check him out on Soundcloud, and see his live sets on YouTube.

For more Justin Briner, listen to Pull the Plug Wednesday nights 10pm-1am


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