Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Trouble and Daughter

Recently, an artist that we have had in constant rotation on our radio program contacted us (gotta love it when that happens) asking to perform a live acoustic set.

I had been a huge fan of CondoKrew (a name since set aside) since first hearing news of (illScarlett's) John Doherty being a part of the project. When I stumbled across their YouTube, I fell in love with their catchy, acoustic style and the melodies that Jenni Pleau and James Mascola bring to the table. 

Since the name change, Trouble & Daughter have released their first EP, including some favourite tracks (The Lucky Ones, Gimmie All Your Money) and some new favourites (What's Good is Gone). It's a fantastic follow up to YouTube successes and brings forward a quality to their music that we the listener didn't even realize we cared about, until buying this self-titled EP.

Catch the LIVE acoustic set by Trouble & Daughter tonight at 10pm on Pull the Plug and be sure to pick up their EP! If you can't get enough of them, like me, hunt them down and find them on Facebook and on Twitter.


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