Thursday, 31 May 2012

Conveniently Yours

Talented musician and dear friend, Paul Federici of St.Catherines is a fresh sound in today's busy music scene. It's easy to compare him to the likes of Dallas Green because of their acoustic guitars and the happenstance of their geographical similarities, but Paul truly does stand alone.

The first time I heard of PFed was through a twitter interaction between him and the Pull the Plug account for our acoustic radio program. Eager and willing to travel, we soon scheduled a live performance after only listening to a couple of his tracks. He was getting ready to debut his new album "Relative Importance", an ensemble of melodic acoustic tracks that made this girls heart melt- and it didn't hurt that my copy came with a doughnut!

Since the release of Relative Importance, Paul has made a couple visits to Pull the Plug and was featured in our live Pull the Plug Presents... showcase featuring our favourite local musicians. As of today, the official music video for his track Conveniently Yours has been released and it is certainly worth a watch... especially for those Timmies crotch-shots and that classy toque....oh, right, and of course for the music.

Do yourself a favour and give Paul Federici a momentary slice of your attention and listen to the album and take a gander at the music video- you'll be more than pleased. I swear.

Catch Paul Federici on Pull the Plug Wednesday June 13th for a LIVE acoustic performance.


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